The Island of Molokai

The Friendly Isle

Welcome to the Island of Molokai

Molokai - Where Aloha Spirit Meets Unspoiled Natural Beauty

Remote. Charming. Timeless. This is the magic of the Friendly Isle, where culture and history are etched into every inch of the island’s stunning landscapes

Explore ancient fishponds, visit one of Hawaii’s last royal coconut groves, stroll along a 3-mile stretch of Papohaku Beach sand and hike to the Hawaiian fertility site of Kaule o Nanahoa. Or take a fly-in tour to Kalaupapa National Historical Park, where Belgian priest Father Damien devoted his life to the peninsula’s residents suffering from leprosy. 

For a “night on the town,” hit Kaunakakai, a paniolo (cowboy) hamlet where the absence of stoplights takes you back to a simpler time. . 

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